What Do We Offer?

Job Architecture

Our Job Architecture (mJA) Offering

Optimising your workforce to meet the precise needs of your business and the full potential of the individual is of paramount interest to all concerned. In order to achieve this goal it is critical to developing a ‘Job Architecture Model’ to suit your needs and then to implement it successfully. The MEIR Job Evaluation (mJE) process is Competency based and uses Core Competencies to evaluate roles and can also be used to develop Functional and Technical Competencies.

The Meir Job Architecture Model Covers

  • Job Evaluation (mJE) , job profiles and job titling
  • Job grades and grade structures
  • Career maps / ladders
  • Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value
  • Reward programmes
  • Talent management processes aligned to business needs
  • Succession planning including the use of Personal Development Plans
  • Control and governance procedures

Reward Consulting

Our Total Reward (mTR) Offering

Reward strategies must be anchored in business reality to be effective. This means linking your Reward Strategy to your Business Strategy – and meeting the needs of your employees as well as those of your organisation. Our Total Reward Framework helps you optimise Reward, no matter how challenging the conditions.

The Meir Total Reward Model Covers

  • Developing Reward strategies covering all elements of Reward including pay levels; pay structyres; performance related pay; competency related pay; skills based pay; team pay
  • Salarey Surveys – Conducting internal  and external pay comparisons and aligning Reward practices with the appropriate Markets 
  • Conducting benefits policy assessments
  • Developing or Reviewing ‘Expatriate pay and Employment Policies’ 
  • Developing communications programmes for staff and/or unions

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